My 1st day

Published August 28, 2012 by adventureswithpixie

I was born to a AKC registered miniature poodle- Vanilla. My mom’s coat color was as white as Vanilla and hence the name. My Dad too is a AKC registered miniature poodle. His coat color is Apricot and his name is Coco. Both of them are really gentle and loving. I have 3 other siblings. I really don’t remember much about them.

There were 8 people in the house I was born in. Their 6 lovely kids loved to play with me and my siblings and my parents. I lived with my parents and siblings. Until, one day the owner decided to give us up for adoption. One by one all of my siblings got adopted. I was the last one to get adopted.

My new owner and now my mom saw my ad in Facebook marketplace. My mom tells me that the minute she laid her eyes on those pictures she was in love with me. She and my new dad decided to see me and my birth parents. And, in 15 mins I was on my way to my new home. =)

My new parents were excited and nervous since I was crying and scared. I was 10 weeks old puppy when they adopted me. Not only I didn’t know where I was going with strange new people but this was my 1st car ride. But the moment my mom held me close to her heart I was quiet and slept off all the way through the ride.

The same day I was taken to the vet to get my vaccinations since I never had them. All I remember is that I didn’t like the vaccinations much, but I loved getting new toys and some treats after that.

My new home was smaller than what I was used to but also there were only 2 people. It took me a while to get used to everything. But the love I got from my parents helped me adjust in just a weeks time. Now I have my own toys, my own crate and most importantly my play pen with lots of toys and my very own big pink bed.

Since I never had a name I was named Bailey by my mom. All my medical records had that name. But my dad didn’t really like that name. He wanted a unique name with a good meaning for me. He searched a lot and loved the name Pixie. My mom also loved the name a lot. I was officially was re-named to Pixie =))

Every day I get to play with my friends, eat good food and treats, play with mom and dad and also I get to go to dog park and on walks both of which I love.

My best friends name is Layla. She too like me is miniature Australian Shepard. She has an older brother- Rustie. He is a maltipoo. But is he a big boy and doesn’t like to play with us .

I will soon be sharing pictures of me with my friends, toys, pink bed and lots of fun things I do.

Until then…Woof..Woof.


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