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Nature’s Variety Raw Kibbles- Duck

Published November 5, 2012 by adventureswithpixie

If you recollect couple of weeks ago, I had got my taste of raw freeze dried food from Primal. So, okay when my mom went to pick up a fresh bag of Primal freeze dried raw food from my store, she was introduced to Nature’s Variety frozen Raw Bites- Duck. The convenience to store and serve made my mom buy a trial pack. Well, hello world- I am in love with these Raw kibbles.

Okay, I still love the raw freeze dried food from Primal but Nature’s Variety Raw Bites is somethings I have to eat everyday after I come home from playing in the park.

The ingredients of this product are safe, 100% natural and FDA regulated. The texture and size of the bites is perfect for a small dog like me ๐Ÿ™‚ You can serve it frozen or thaw it in 10 minutes. You can serve them as is or as a topper to your everyday food.

Available in beef, chicken, lamb and duck. There is also a $3 coupon available valid until 30th Nov 2012.

When I was 1st introduced to this product my mom shot some videos. Hope you enjoy the videos as much as I enjoy my food.


Woof Woof.


In love with Primal Pet Foods

Published September 24, 2012 by adventureswithpixie


The 1st time I tasted the goodness of Primal, then there was no turning back. I am, according to my Mom-Dad, a very picky eater. So, one day while shopping at my favorite store Woof, I was tasted Primal freeze dried formula- Lamb and I instantly took to it.

Here are the reviews for it. With it being nutritionally balanced, I can either eat it by itself as a complete meal or along with my kibbles. My mom prefers to add it as a topping or mix with my kibbles. Since the time I have started eating this along with my kibbles my stool has less of dirty odor and is hard (Like its supposed to be) and my coat has softened a lot and it more brighter.

Thank-you Primalย for making me eat healthy.

Soon I will upload a video of how much I love my Primal Raw freeze dried food and how much I love eating my food now ๐Ÿ™‚

Till then…

Woof Woof